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Founders of Pay It Forward Fund: 

Michelle Morey and Scott Bissen

The Pay It Forward Fund was founded in 2005 by Michelle Morey, a breast cancer survivor, and her husband, Scott Bissen. Ever since their first donation was used to turn a patient’s water back on, they have been passionate about helping other women who are undergoing cancer treatment.


Since then, the fund has helped patients buy groceries, pay their mortgages, heat their homes, keep their lights and water on, and repair their cars so they can drive to chemo. For thousands of women in need, these gifts have made a difference at a time of crisis.


Jean Pupkes, one of the clinical nurse specialists, understands that it’s difficult for women to ask for help or even accept help when it’s offered. However, if a patient knows that they will someday “pay it forward” by helping another woman going through treatment, it enables them to accept the help that they need.


Some recipients have paid it forward by donating to our fund, while others do so in more tangible ways like offering rides, preparing meals, volunteering to help with childcare, or making phone calls or sending cards to show their support.


Want to make a difference and help Pay It Forward Fund? Simply fill out the information on the right to learn more.


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