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Apply for Help  helps patients who are struggling financially while being treated for breast and women’s cancers at: 

  • Buffalo

  • CentraCare St. Cloud

  • Glencoe

  • HCMC

  • M Health Fairview - Burnsville

  • M Health Fairview - Edina

  • M Health Fairview - Maple Grove

  • M Health Fairview - Maplewood

  • M Health Fairview - U of M

  • M Health Fairview - Woodbury

  • M Health Fairview - Wyoming

  • Mercy

  • Methodist

  • Monticello

  • North Memorial

  • North Memorial - Maple Grove

  • Northland

  • Ridgeview

  • Sibley

  • Unity

If you fit this criteria, we're here to help! NOTE: if you are being treated at a M Health Fairview site, please be sure to choose the specific location. Volunteer Office hours vary each week, and we do the majority of the work remotely.  We will return all phone messages within the week and are in the office at least once each week.

"I couldn't believe there was an organization that might help ease our financial burden as we concentrated on getting well.  When we received the notice in the mail both my husband and I exhaled a deep breath.  Thank you.  You've made this difficult path with all the things to think about much, much easier."

Patient Assistance Guidelines: 

Please review carefully.

Payment Guidelines


* before you submit your application, check to be sure you meet the criteria

Application for Financial Assistance


Type of Cancer You Are Being Treated For: *
Current treatment:

Circumstances Leading to Current Need

Ethnicity (Optional) This will not impact your grant eligibility

I declare that the information on this application is true and correct, and hereby give my permission for my medical records to be obtained.

Pay It Forward Fund is a restricted fund of Ridgeview Foundation.  Their generous support provides free office space and overhead, accounting, event-planning, and other support, including credit card processing fees for online donations. Every cent of your gift is used to pay essential living expenses for local cancer patients in need. For more information about Ridgeview Foundation, visit

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