Success stories

Our patient stories demonstrate that is about far more than easing a financial burden.  When your life or your loved one’s life is at stake, these acts of kindness – payment of water bill, a heating bill or a mortgage - aren’t small moments. These are moments that can last a lifetime.

"Thanks to all their volunteers and those that donate, we didn't have to worry about keeping our kids in our house or food on the table. They just aren't paying a bill, they are giving you peace of mind, breathing room, time to think, a moment to relax, doubt removed; if only for a moment.

Those are the things that you need while you are battling cancer. Because cancer doesn't care if you are a mother of two and you don't have time to "fight" with it. Pay It Forward Fund took away some of my stress, and when you are fighting cancer, that is a really hard thing to do! Thank you again; that really doesn't seem like enough to say, but those are the only words I have"


—  Chalase